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We need you

to ensure the sustainability and future of pioneering film centers like the SNF Parkway

Because of support from our audience, we have been able to persevere and navigate this unprecedented moment and boldly move forward with new approaches and programs to drive community engagement; opportunities and resources for local filmmakers, artists and youth to tell their stories; and strengthen film culture in Baltimore.

Many successes to celebrate

We are excited to share just a few of the programs that inspire and make all of us proud to work at MdFF and the SNF Parkway Theatre.


Our first-ever, virtual edition and the largest festival program in our history, brought thousands of audience members together from all 50 states.


Leading art houses nationwide, MdFF launched one of the first virtual cinemas, a powerful video-on-demand and live-stream platform


A new weekly film series, offered free to audiences, presents a cross-section of cinema from around the globe

Sweaty Eyeballs Screening


including the Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival, a virtual reprise of the 2019 Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival films, Sight Unseen and Breaking Codes — all draw new audiences for work that celebrates a variety of film genres and presents expansive new approaches to cinematic form.

None of this is possible without your ongoing support

You help us share the power of narrative; lift up the unique talents and contributions of our creative sector; and create value, meaning and a sense of belonging in our community — all through film. Maryland is home to extraordinary, visionary artists, and we are proud to champion their work throughout the year. Thank you for investing in us at this crucial time in our history and for contributing to the robust, diverse, and intersectional film culture of Baltimore.

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