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Now Showing

Once Were Brothers

1hr 40min

Slay the Dragon

1hr 41min

Sorry We Missed You

1hr 41min
United Kingdom

The Woman Who Loves Giraffes

1hr 23min
South Africa, Canada, USA

The Whistlers

1hr 37min
Romania, France, Germany 


2hr 11min
Brazil, France

Saint Frances

1hr 46min

Zombi Child

1hr 43min
France, Haiti

Corpus Christi

1h 55m


2h 9min
Italy, France

The Wild Goose Lake

1hr 50min
China, France

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands

1h 57m

Fantastic Fungi

1hr 20min

Virtual Screening

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a brand new effort created with our distribution partners in response to having to temporarily close our doors. We may run into some kinks along the way, so we appreciate your patience and understanding. More than anything we appreciate your support as we continue our mission to bring you together with films and filmmakers!

Why are these films on different platforms?

These films are made available through their specific distributor who is providing our Parkway audience access via these unique platforms. 

How does this help the Parkway?

Nonprofit theaters like the Parkway, need your support now more than ever. By buying a virtual “ticket” to watch these films, you’ll be directly supporting your local art house cinema. All revenue is being shared between distributor and exhibitor (us) just as if you bought your ticket at the Parkway Theatre box office.

Why do I have to register for new platforms to watch these movies?

You need to have a login/id to create a secure viewing session for Kino Now, Oscilloscope, Film Movement Plus, or Vimeo (the underlying platforms powering the virtual screenings). The viewing of each film is account-based and limits time available and limits streams for personal viewing. 

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