World Cinema Cafe

A weekly free series of films spanning the globe.
January 21 - December 31, 2020

Last fall we asked ourselves, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could show a free film from a different part of the world every week?” Starting on January 21 we will host a FREE community screening every Tuesday night of the year in Parkway Theater 1! World Cinema Café offers a cross-section of cinema from around the globe, historical and contemporary, films on the periphery and movies that break the canon, intentionally or by circumstance, and which point to a new vision in filmmaking. Each month we will focus on cinema from a different part of the world, put them in the context of international cinema production, and audiences will have the opportunity to experience films from all over the globe, films that they would not otherwise have access to in theaters.

Upcoming Films

One Night Only 1/21
Dramaan is the most popular man in Colobane, but when a woman from his past, now exorbitantly wealthy, returns to the town, things begin to change.
One Night Only 1/28
Capturing the excitement, vibrancy, and complexity of everyday life in Lagos, a dynamic city where anything is possible in 2 Weeks.