Wild Nights with Emily

Wild Nights with Emily

Director: Madeleine Olnek

2018, 84 minutes


Program Notes

Wild Nights With Emily is the story of the secret life of Emily Dickinson (played by Molly Shannon). The poet’s persona, popularized since her death, is that of a reclusive spinster—a delicate wall ower, too sensitive for this world. This film explores the vivacious, irreverent side of her that was covered up for many years and recently revealed— most notably Emily’s lifelong romance with another woman, Susan Dickinson, the wife of Emily’s brother. After Emily died, the mistress of Emily’s brother would publish Emily’s poems. A fierce rivalry between Emily’s beloved and her brother’s mistress in making known the work of this great poet is also the story of two sets of passionate, illicit lovers in a mysterious struggle for a place in history.




The film is receiving very strong reviews; Indiewire is saying it’s the best lesbian comedy in years! Other publications covering the film include Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and Deadline.




This special screening will be an incredible rare opportunity to see this highly anticipated film by Olnek on the Parkway’s historic big screen! The director will join us for the screening and will also do a Q&A session afterwards.



proceeds will go to support the GLCCB of Baltimore!


For tickets:

$20 General Admission
$19 Students/Seniors (on site with valid ID)
$18 Friends of MdFF


Screenings of Wild Nights with Emily

Sat 6/2/2018
7:00 PM  Parkway 1   BUY TICKETS
You may also purchase tickets in person at the SNF Parkway Theatre during regular business hours (5 W. North Ave.)