Vision Portraits

2019, 78 minutes, Digital, NR
USA, Germany, Canada

Language: English

Director: Rodney Evans

Cast: Rodney Evans, John Dugdale, Kayla Hamilton, Ryan Knighton, and Anton Federov

Distributor: mTuckman Media

Vision Portraits is the personal story of filmmaker Rodney Evans (Brother To Brother, The Happy Sad) as he embarks on a scientific and artistic journey, questioning how his loss of vision might impact his creative future. Through illuminating portraits of three artists—photographer John Dugdale, dancer Kayla Hamilton, and writer Ryan Knighton—the film looks at the ways each artist was affected by the loss of their vision and the ways in which their creative process has changed or adapted.

Check out director Rodney Evans’ interview with Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air!

Official Selection:

South by Southwest Film Festival

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