Strange Brew feat. Union Craft Brewing’s Parkway Saison

Strange Brew feat. Union Craft Brewing’s Parkway Saison

Director: Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas

1983, Canada | USA, 90 minutes

Program Notes

Come enjoy the launch of Union’s “Parkway Saison”, paired with a screening of 1983’s outrageous comedy Strange Brew, presented by the Maryland Film Festival and Union Craft Brewing.

What matters most in life, eh? Hockey, donuts and beer? A slab of back bacon? And did we mention beer? At least, that’s what matters most to Bob (Rick Moranis) and Doug (Dave Thomas) McKenzie when they bring the goofy lunacy of SCTV’s The Great White North to the great wide movie indoors. Moranis and Thomas portray the classic Canadian beer-guzzling duo, the MacKenzie Brothers, as they try to stop a mad beer brewer from gaining control of the world. Co-starring Oscar and Golden Globe-nominee Max von Sydow (The Exorcist) and Paul Dooley (Breaking AwayRunaway Bride). Outrageous fun loosely based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

This is also the first time the limited release “Parkway Saison” beer brewed by Union Craft Brewing will be available to our patrons.

Parkway Saison –
Farmhouse Yeast takes center stage in this rustic, pale American saison. The classically trained yeast strain takes the leading role, displaying esters reminiscent of bubblegum and hay, while the CTZ & Amarillo hops provide restrained support with notes of citrus & grass. A dramatically dry finish concludes the performance as the credits role:

Grains: Pils, Wheat, Spelt, Rye

Hops: CTZ, Amarillo

Yeast: Farmhouse Ale


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