Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring

Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring

Director: Kim Ki-Duk

2003, Korea, 105 Minutes, Digital, R

Language: Korean with English subtitles

Presented by: Parkway Theatre & Korean Cultural Center DC

Cast: Ki-Duk Kim, Yeong su-Oh

Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics

Program Notes

A young Buddhist apprentice is mentored by an aging monk (Yeong-su Oh) at a secluded monastery in the Korean wilderness. As a teenager, the apprentice (Jae-kyeong Seo) encounters a girl who arrives at the monastery seeking assistance with her health. Over the course of a few days, the boy is tempted away from his spiritual existence into a sexual relationship. He leaves the monastery to follow the girl into a modern way of life he has never known and is unprepared for.