Spring 2019 Baltimore Student Film Showcase

Free and open to the public. RSVP here!

Join MdFF and Baltimore-area students for the first Baltimore Student Film Showcase of 2019! An evening of innovative and invigorating new art from Baltimore’s best and brightest emerging filmmakers. Hosted by Johns Hopkins University professor Lester Spence.

The Baltimore Student Film Showcase is a celebration of student-produced film and video works by Baltimore City and County High School and College students. The 2019 showcases are organized and curated by Baltimore-area students through MdFF, and is sponsored by Maryland Humanities.

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Black Butterfly
Wide Angle Youth Media, 5:00 minutes
High school students portray the layers of Black LGBTQ identity in a film that advocates for acceptance from their community. Created by the students of Wide Angle Youth Media: Brooke Anderson, Brandon Armstrong, Tayla Brown, Marc Cruise, Joelle Faison, Madison Hall, Michelle Hill, Justin Marine, Israel McNeil, Ade Ogunshinam, Eva Ojekwe, Lily Pretyl, Gregory Smith, and Ayanna White.
Chasing Eden
Giovanna Molina, Johns Hopkins University, 9:00 minutes
Two women who are unable to feel present in their lives meet in a dream and then see each other again in real life.
Cold Blooded
Ryan Konig, Towson University, 9:30 minutes
A contract killer is forced to fight for his life when two assassins are hired to eliminate him.
Distaste for the Structure
Lauren Scott and Andrew Boone, Stevenson University, 4:45 minutes
A man and a woman carry out a dialogue in an abstract space.
Mireille Heidbreder, Johns Hopkins University, 3:45 minutes
A short experimental film capturing the fleeting past memories of certain locations overrun by man and nature.
Forest Park Pop-Up
Bryce Taylor, Baltimore City Public Schools - The City Schools Media Team, 3:15 minutes
The media team stops by R-House for the Forest Park High School's Culinary Pop-Up.
For the Rabbits
Lincoln Robisch, Towson University, 8:15 minutes
A high school actor seeks to remove his mentally disabled sister from the audience when she begins shouting his name.
A Gemini and Her Goldfish
Lyla Mzayek, G.W. Carver School for Arts and Technology, 5:30 minutes
A Gemini and her Goldfish follows a girl’s relationship with her unprocessed grief - the grief takes form of a fish, which seemingly haunts her until it delivers her a poem. The film mixes elements of absurdity and reality to manifest the mental distortion that one may experience when dealing with grief – a feeling so complex and difficult to truly process.
Glitch in the System
Wide Angle Youth Media, 3:00 minutes
Youth in the 2018 Video Team explored the impact of race bias in the war on drugs. Created by the students of Wide Angle Youth Media: Brooke Anderson, Brandon Armstrong, Tayla Brown, Marc Cruise, Joelle Faison, Madison Hall, Michelle Hill, Justin Marine, Israel McNeil, Ade Ogunshinam, Eva Ojekwe, Lily Pretyl, Gregory Smith, and Ayanna White.
I am Not Home
Kyle Hartford, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 3:15 minutes
A young man from a foreign country longs for his home.
The Incarnation
Yuntao Liu, Maryland Institute College of Art, 2:30 minutes
A young woman goes back home at late night and gets baptized by the newly incarnated Jesus Christ who shows up as a ghost.
Looking For a Good Time
Laura Boellner, Stevenson University, 9:30 minutes
Toby is constantly being told he needs to get a life, so one day he calls the number on a bathroom stall in hopes of a good time.
Lucky Milton
Gabriella Punturiero, Towson University, 2:30 minutes
Milton Erdmann served WWII as pilot and he was lucky all the way through
Murder and The Butterfly Effect
Jalysa Mayo, Morgan State University, 15:00 minutes
Baltimore is in a crisis as the homicide rate continues to rise. Families that have lost someone, a shooter, and a victim of gun violence speak against the effect and why a change is needed now.
North Bend Elementary/Middle
Emarue Barber, Baltimore City Public Schools - The City Schools Media Team, 4:00 minutes
The media team visits North Bend Elementary/Middle to learn how they're encouraging literacy throughout the school.
Passion of Barbery
Peter Mussie, G.W. Carver School for Arts and Technology, 3:45 minutes
A Baltimore-based barber shares their experience of how they started their passion for barbery and the atmosphere of working in a barbershop.
Racial Health
Brandon Armstrong, Wide Angle Youth Media, 2:15 minutes
Students in Wide Angle Youth Media's High School Video Team created personal stories around the collective them "Why Black Lives Matter". This is Brandon's story.
Record Player
Jim Hagan, Patapsco High School, 3:30 minutes
All Grey wants to do is relax and listen to his records. But when a pesty Lego man comes along, how far will Grey go for his tranquility?”
Sanative Magic
Gyasi Mitchell, Baltimore City College, 4:45 minutes
A healing art performance.
A Short Animation
Mercy Nwachukwu, Perry Hall Middle School, 1:15 minutes
The Knight
Kristin Kinsey, Towson University, 6:45 minutes
When a little boy's home life turns violent, he imagines himself to be a knight in a fairytale setting out on a quest to protect the queen from an evil dragon.