Sight Unseen presents Hybrid Cinema – Films, Videos, and Expanded Cinema by Michael Alexander Morris


Presented by: Sight Unseen

Director: Michael Alexander Morris

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Q&A with filmmaker immediately following the screening

Hybrid Cinema is a cross-section of Morris’ work made over the last several years. Ranging from handmade films created from materials passed on by family to elegiac videos in ode to popular icons, as well as selections from a series of expanded cinema works called The Hermeneutics that explores how different generations of media interpret one another, each work examines the different ontologies of the various image making media used in its creation. Morris will be present to discuss his work after the screening.




Second Hermeneutic 
2x16mm projection, analog video signal as audio; 2013 – 8m


Blue Movie
16mm, 2015 – 7m


Third Hermeneutic
2x16mm projection, video projection, custom software; 2014 – 11m


I Can’t Wait to Meet You There
digital video, 2012 – 12m


A Chorus of Black Voids Sings in Rays of Unseeable Light – 2x16mm projection, video projection, custom software; 2017 – 15m


Michael A. Morris is an artist and educator based in Dallas, Texas. His work responds to the rapid changes in how moving images are created and experienced in the 21st century, affirming the traditional space of experiencing cinema while also exploring the implications of new media. He has performed and screened his films and videos at museums, galleries, microcinemas, and film festivals internationally, including events at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, The International Symposium of Electronic Art in Vancouver, Oak Cliff Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, San Francisco Cinematheque, and the Texas Biennial.


He teaches at several institutions throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area and curates programs around the region regularly, including the Dallas Medianale and as cofounder/programmer for Spectacle Society, a microcinema collective of artists, filmmakers, and scholars. He is also a regular visualist at Dallas Ambient Music Nights, a monthly showcase of experimental music in the D/FW area.