Sight Unseen Presents: Horizontal Portraits by Eva Marie Rødbro

Monday, February 5, 2018
$10 general admission/$8 members /$9 students
The SNF Parkway Theatre
5 West North Ave.
Baltimore, MD 212




I Touched Her Legs, 15 minutes, 2010 
An extraordinary portrait of a group of Southern teens hanging out in cars, rooms, and neighborhood yards in humid pool-party weather. Rødbro creates a deft and skillful montage in which animals, insects children and adolescents all inhabit an environment easily and warmly shared. Through subtly glancing shots taken at oblique angles and in brief bursts, I Touched Her Legs reaches directly into the soul of this small band of friends and explains everything that is important without a single dull expository declaration on their circumstances.


– Winner of The Barbara Aronofsky Latham Award Emerging Experimental Video Artist 49th AAFF
– Winner of Most Inventive Film Award OFF 2011
– Nominated: NEW:VISION award CPH:DOX 2010


We Chose The Milky Way, 28 minutes, 2015 
Scenes from life on another planet, where a hedonistic civilization of young women decorate themselves with artificial nails, white clothes and a fake tan before taking the limo to the city. But Eva Marie Rødbro’s film is from the suburbs of Copenhagen, and is shaped by its environment. In other words, an unplacable, anthropological mutation of a bling hip hop video, social-realist science fiction and a documentary version of ‘Spring Breakers’, whose surreal shock cuts place us as participants, rather than mere spectators, in a world where everything is artificial except the friendships. In a number of films, Rødbro has documented the restlessness, fragility and self-destructive feeling of invincibility of youth and early adulthood. Her film school graduation film lives up to all the promises that her previous work of photographs and short films has made, and is an extremely style-conscious and intelligent study of a lifestyle and an environment, where pure excess is elevated to an existential principle.


– Winner of George Manupelli Founder’s Spirit Award at the Ann Arbor Film Festival 2016


Dan Mark, 30 minutes, 2014 
In this film E M R has directed the camera towards a young boy who lives in the same house as herself in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro district. His name is Dan Mark – nothing less! – and his life is a state of constant action, which in no small bit is due to his diagnosed ADHD, but which can’t reduce him to a social case study. On the contrary, Rødbro is at a highly energetic eye level with the young man, whose parents and friends pour good advice down on him about the life that he is about to become adult in. A piece of modern street documentary by one of the Danish film scene’s most promising names


Kriger, 25 minutes, 2013 
A young man and his friends spend a week of nightly escapism before a big secret party.


Fuck You Kiss Me, 6 minutes, 2008 
A black and white rhythmic poem in a post card from urban Greenland touching upon rites of passage and young love.


– Charlottenborg the spring exhibition 2009
– CPH:DOX Short Dox Award 2009 nominated
– Politikens Talent Award 2009 winner
– Young Talent NFM (NL) 2009


Danish filmmaker Eva Marie Rødbro lives and works in Copenhagen DK. She graduated from the National Danish Film School in 2015 and Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2008. Eva Marie Rødbro exhibited and screened internationally at numerous shows, events and festivals among others FOAM, W139, NL fotomuseum, Berlin Documentary Forum, Charlottenborg Kunsthal, CPH:DOX and Ann Arbor FF. She has documented the wild youth of teenagers in Greenland and the United States in a her award winning shorts, Fuck You Kiss Me (2008) I Touched Her Legs (2010), Kriger (2013) Dan Mark (2014), We chose the Milky Way (2015) In 2016 her TV-show Princesses from the Block became one of the most popular shows to air on Danish TV. She is currently working on her first feature about family, faith and heritage, called “I hope I see you before I die”.