Sight Unseen – Footsteps, Voices, Fragments of Time

Sight Unseen and the SNF Parkway are honored to present the closing program of the series with two celluloid-based works: still/here (2000/01) by Christopher Harris & BALTIMORE (2021) by Meg Rorison with the filmmakers in person.


still/here (60m)

The midwest’s great cities can be alienating, and [this] urban essay articulates disturbed relationships between people and landscapes through imagery and editing. In the hour-long black-and-white film still/here (2000/01), Christopher Harris suffuses the blighted north side of Saint Louis with a powerful melancholy, lingering on rubble-strewn lots, decrepit buildings, and empty streets, while footsteps and a continually ringing phone on the soundtrack suggest lives interrupted by the devastation. Holes in a movie theater marquee are powerfully evocative, but even more impressive is the film’s sprawling, almost chaotic form: its calculated incompleteness truly matches the subject, and Harris’s long takes imply–not without a hint of anger–that the ruins of his hometown are eternal.—Fred Camper, Chicago Reader