Shorts: Documentary

2019, 93 minutes, Digital, NR

An eclectic array of short-form non-fiction films encompassing a variety of vérité — the difficulties of expressing male intimacy, century-old unexploded ordnance, street photography in the age of social media, obsessive audiophiles, wildfire fallout and the triumph of trauma survival.

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After the Fire
Derek Knowles and Spencer Seibert, 2019, USA, 17 minutes
AFTER THE FIRE follows three residents of Sonoma Valley as they struggle to find their places in a community that has been reshaped overnight by the historic Northern California wildfires.
I Think I'll Make It
Dara Bratt, 2019, USA/Canada, 17 minutes
When Kat Hurley was five years old, her father murdered her mother. This is her struggle to be more than just another victim of a gruesome crime.
I've Never Been A Fisherman
Joe Stankus, 2018, USA, 5 minutes
An Instagram street photographer recounts the creation of a particularly interesting photograph.
Once & Again
Isabel Dunn, 2018, USA, 25 minutes
"How can I get closer to the past, which moves farther and farther away?" So begins "Once & Again," a film about early recorded sound and the hunger for connection across time that marks each of us.
Something to Cry About
Jules Rosskam, 2018, USA, 12:20 minutes
Something to Cry About is a touching and humorous short documentary that explores the difficulty of expressing intimacy between men, the complexities of desire, and the gift of a good cry.
Zone Rouge
Dominique van Olm, 2018, Canada, France, 16:00 minutes, World Premiere at MdFF 2019
Seasoned Minesweeper Guy Momper and his team of French De-miners extract unexploded munitions from the First and Second World War, their mission is estimated to take 300 years to complete.