Shorts: Diverging Forms

2019, 95 minutes, Digital, NR

A progressive program of short films that boldly eschew the traditions of form, time and content; Diverging Forms shorts push the boundaries of cinematic creativity into breathtaking new directions.

Additional Images
The Air of the Earth in Your Lungs
Ross Meckfessel, 2018, USA, 11:00 minutes, 16mm
Drones and GoPros survey the land while users roam digital forests, oceans, and lakes. Those clouds look compressed. That tree looks pixelated. A landscape film for the 21st century.
Simon Liu, 2019, Hong Kong, UK, USA, 13:00 minutes, 35mm
16,000 splices in the making, E-Ticket is a frantic (re)cataloguing of a personal archive and rebirth to forgotten images. 35mm snaps sputter from view after being obsessively spliced frame by frame. Dante's Inferno for the streaming age; freedom of movement for the modern cloud.
every dog has its day
Alison Nguyen, 2019, USA, 7 minutes
An archival work which explores the porous visual relationships between domestic intimacy, terror and technology in consumer-produced media.
Eyes at the Specter Glass
Matthew Wade, 2019, USA, 12:00 minutes
An otherworldly vision of the power of light and the weight of planets.
Rajee Samarasinghe, 2017, Sri Lanka, China, USA, 14:41 minutes
The condition of distance, genetic to the ethnographic image, traces the elusive qualities of my mother’s past and persona as a woman of partial Chinese heritage.
July Test
Karen Yasinsky, 2019, USA, 9 minutes, World Premiere
A woman is invited to interpret the silent diva Lyda Borelli in Rapsodia Satanica on a hot day.
Life After Love
Zachary Epcar, 2018, USA, 8 minutes, 16mm
A shifting in the light of the lot, where parked cars become containers for a collective estrangement.
Norman Norman
Sophy Romvari, 2018, Canada, 7 minutes
A young woman grapples with the declining health of her beloved dog in this film about mortality, cloning, and Barbra Streisand.
Benjamin Rinehardt, 2018, USA, 8:00 minutes, World Premiere
A journey through dark and hallucinatory worlds.
The Reunion
Suneil Sanzgiri, 2019, USA, 6 minutes, U.S. Premiere
An uncanny vision of power in the age of climate disaster, a narrator reconciles the radical possibilities of resilience and creation out of the ruins of a former utopian society in 1850's Texas, sparking questions of what becomes of our dreams for a better world.