Shorts: Diverging Forms
Jesi Jordan, 2018, Canada, 11 MIN, World Premiere
Blossom is an animated diary documenting my experiences over the past 4 years, drawn and presented in chronological order.
Mary Billyou, 2017, USA, 4 MIN
Self-defense techniques demonstrated and repeated to the creeping pace of Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are." Self-aware performers remix violence into complementarity, inspiring movement into the promise of a dance. A pink print directs informed movement, now as it was then.
Robert Todd, 2017, Iceland/USA, 13 MIN
Warmth in the foreground, in the shadow of ice. An homage to the fantastic, provided by others in art and life.
Marnie Ellen Hertzler & Beth Hoeckel, 2017, USA, 2 MIN
Easter is here and things are starting to get strange.
Tinne Zenner, 2018, Greenland/Canada/Denmark, 20 MIN
"Go outside. The lovely mountains two, Sermitsiaq and Kingittorsuaq, look at them.” The landscape acts as a scenery for collective nostalgia and city development in Nuuk, Greenland, as the film studies glitches in translation of language and culture in a post-colonial modernity.
Fernanda Faya, 2016, USA, 12 MIN
As she moves from Brazil to NY, the filmmaker looks back at her grandma's migration as a way to find traces of her own identity.
Réka Bucsi, 2018, Denmark, 21 MIN
SOLAR WALK shows a journey through space and the process of creation within an animated cosmic chaos.
Karen Yasinsky, 2017, USA, 7 MIN, World Premiere
A character created over the time of animating the cobweb and thinking about Mississippi Mud by Bix Beiderbecke. Additional music by Andrew Bernstein; with Gillian Waldo.
Akosua Adoma Owusu, 2018, USA/Ghana, 3 MIN
The spirit of Tracy Chambers, the struggling fashion student performed by Diana Ross in the 1975 Motown film Mahogany, is re-imagined by the Nigerian actress Esosa E.

Program Notes

This program of short films presents unique angles in the exploration of surface, portrait and pattern. The narrative is a personal puzzle — a reimagination of passage, line, and landscape.


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