Shorts: Character Study

2019, 107 minutes, Digital, NR

This captivating assortment of shorts focuses on incisive, character-driven narratives, showcasing an array of personalities and varied lives on screen.

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Esteban García Garzón, 2018, 15 minutes, North American Premiere
Maryuri, a young woman from the outskirts of Cartagena, must take the decision to put her life at risk or return to her fisherman boyfriend.
Kelly Turner, 2018, USA, 12 minutes
A young artist works toward his future during a transitional period in his life.
Judah Finnigan, 2018, New Zealand, 12 minutes
A single woman in her fifties has a rocky first date with a disagreeable bachelor. Over the course of the evening, she’s forced to decide what’s more important to her: companionship or compatibility.
East of the River
Hannah Peterson, 2018, 13 minutes
When Teonna (Ayiana T. Davis) is unexpectedly suspended from school, she encounters a girl from her past who takes her on an adventure through the city.
Farewell Winona
Daiva Zalnieriunas, 2018, 14 minutes, Color Super 16mm, World Premiere
Farewell Winona is a coming-of-age story about a girl, Winona (14), on the last day of summer before entering high school.
Like A Good Kid
Arian Vazirdaftari, 2018, Iran, 20 minutes
Sara, a 22-year-old girl is babysitter to 7-year-old Matin. One day Matin tells a story that makes Sara plan to steal something from the house.
Robert Machoian, 2019, USA, 10 minutes
A slice of life film about a Grandpa and his Grandsons, the future and the past.
Now You Know
Molly Gillis, 2018, USA, 10 minutes
An uninhibited 10 year old girl faces the fallout of flashing her class at her strict Catholic school.