Shorts: Chance Encounters

2019, 105 minutes, Digital, NR

A program of shorts revolving around the random nature of life—the way chance encounters can effect change and create unintended consequences.

Additional Images
Jessica Garrison, 2019, USA, 14:09 minutes, World Premiere
Etta returns home from a work trip in Vegas with a pile of cash in her purse, and needs to explain to her boyfriend how she got it.
India Donaldson, 2019, USA, 14 minutes, 16mm, World Premiere
A woman cons her way into another woman’s apartment, resulting in a strange and intimate encounter.
Kampung Tapir
AW See Wee, 2017, Malaysia, 17:15 minutes
The struggles of making a living and searching for a better life plagues Anne, leaving her in a dilemma on where she should settle down with her family.
Julian Turner, 2019, USA, 10:00 minutes
A weary French professor and a young drug dealer share an impalpable connection on a single night in Philadelphia.
Miller & Son
Asher Jelinsky, 2018, USA, 21 minutes
A transwoman mechanic lives between running her family’s auto shop during the day and expressing her femininity at night, until an unforeseen event threatens the balance of her compartmentalized life.
Palm Trees and Power Lines
Jamie Dack, 2018, USA, 15 minutes
Sixteen year old Charlotte ambles through a listless summer day when she's followed home by Tommy, an older guy. Tommy helps her escape her loneliness, but after betraying her trust, Charlotte must decide what matters to her most.
Lance Edmands, 2019, USA, 11:30 minutes
When a young couple encounters a strange old man wandering in a snowstorm, they must decide if he needs help, or if he has more sinister intentions.