Shorts: Altered States

2019, 99 minutes, Digital, NR

MdFF 2019 presents a collection of mind-expanding short films guaranteed to take you on a psychedleic journey through the darkness and the light.

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Mael Le Mée, 2018, France, 17:48 minutes
Aurore, a sixteen-year teenage girl, discovers her body with her friends… While they acclimate of the transformation of their teenager body, a supernatural finger will show them a new way to the pleasure.
The Follower
Stephanie Szerlip, 2019, USA, 12 minutes, 16mm, World Premiere
A misunderstood teen with dreams of escaping her dreary suburban life is tempted by a would-be internet stalker in this Southern Gothic stranger-danger tale. Based on the 1966 Joyce Carol Oates story "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”
Only Trumpets
Tristan Scott-Behrends,
Longing for a touch the casual encounters section can not satisfy, Tristan, an outsider among outsiders, navigates sex and love in the digital age.
Skin of Man
Jimmy Joe Roche, 2018, USA, 10 minutes, 16mm
When three friends take a road trip to an idyllic forest and drop acid, one is lured into a mystic web of ritual murder and dragged into another dimension.
Sluggish Life
Mohsen Mehri Daruei, 2018, Iran, 11 minutes
A man lives alone in a dark house between millions of eggs; he wants to call someone but he does not succeed… until the phone rings.
Star Eater
David Carpenter, 2018, USA, 12:00 minutes, North American Premiere
Stricken with body dysmorphic disorder, Rex is haunted by a Ghoul in the mirror. When the Ghoul's attempts at fear don't work it turns to something more sinister. Can Rex resist the temptation of perfection?
That Doe Zone
Harrison Atkins, 2019, USA, 7 minutes, World Premiere
I have to tell you something but I'm not sure how you're going to react.
What Do You Know About the Water and the Moon
Jian Luo, 2019, China, 15 minutes
During an attempted abortion, a girl gives birth to a live jellyfish.