Director: George A. Romero

1973, 103 min


Program Notes

R.I.P Horror Masters
Two legendary horror directors passed away in 2017, Tobe Hooper and George Romero. To usher in Halloween, MdFF is proud to present a double feature of early works by these genre-film masters, Romero’s THE CRAZIES (released between Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead) and Hooper’s EATEN ALIVE (his follow-up to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Tickets can be purchased for individual titles, or together at a discounted double-feature price.
The Crazies: “After reinventing the zombie film with Night of the Living Dead, Romero made his first color horror film The Crazies, another social commentary cloaked in exploitation trappings about a small town decimated by the accidental release of a dangerous biochemical weapon in the water supply. Though not an official part of the ongoing Dead series, The Crazies still fits in just fine thanks to its depictions of normalcy shredding apart from the inside.” (Nathaniel Thompson, Mondo Digital)
Click to learn about Tobe Hooper’s Eaten Alive.

Screenings of R.I.P. HORROR MASTERS: The Crazies

Mon 10/30/2017
7:30 PM  Parkway 1   TICKETS
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