Opening Night: Silent Animated Shorts with Live Music

2019, 7 PM – 11 PM including after-party, Digital

Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival kicks off with an unforgettable opening night show. Six silent animated shorts will be accompanied by live, original music by local musicians, sure to blow you away. An experiment in clay from the creator of Gumby, rhythmic patterns painted directly on film, a pinscreen animation of a man losing his nose, a clown wreaking havoc in an artist’s studio, Art Deco imagery emerging from the dark, and Cinderella in silhouette.

Exclusive afterparty to follow in the Parkway lounge.

Ticket Prices for the Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival:

Opening Night: $42
Regular Admission: $13
Students/Military/Seniors: $11 (at the Parkway box office – valid ID required)
MdFF Members: $10

Films and Musicians:

Additional Images
Symphonie Diagonale
Directed by Viking Eggeling (France, 1924), 7:00
New music by Bruce Willen
Directed by Art Clokey (United States, 1955), 3:10
Early Abstractions #1-3
Directed by Harry Smith (United States, 1946-49), 6:00
New music by Afro House
The Nose
Directed by Alexander Alexeieff and Claire Parker (France, 1963), 11:22
New music by Ami Dang and Sarah Marie Hughes
Out of the Inkwell: Modeling
Directed by Max Fleischer (United States, 1921), 8:19
Directed by Lotte Reiniger (Germany, 1922), 12:54
New music by Smoke Bellow