Director: Kiki Álvarez

2014, Cuba, 74min

Language: Spanish w/English subtitles

Program Notes

The SNF Parkway is proud to present Latin American Visionary Cinema, a month-long exploration of exciting work drawn from important voices in Latin American film over the past decade. This series of twelve films spans many genres, represents 10 countries, and includes many titles that had little or no theatrical distribution in the United States. The Latin American Visionary Cinema series is presented by PNC Bank.
VENICE: This tender portrait of female friendship follows three friends, Monica, Violeta, and Mayelin, as they leave their job for the day at a Havana hair salon and decide to spend their paychecks on a night out on the town. Going from shopping, to trying on dresses, to eventually ending up at a techno nightclub, their conversations are meaningful and dynamic, exposing deep desires and insecurities, all the while keeping an air of light-hearted humor found within any trio of best friends. Alvarez introduces us to the parts of Havana tourists rarely see, not being afraid of diving into the grittiness of the working class woman’s environment, and never shying away from the realistic dialogue the three exchange (which were often improvised). Boasting a wonderfully charismatic and kinetic cast of women, Venice is an energetic and raw look at the bonds deepened after one crazy night out.