¡Las Sandinistas!

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Director: Jenny Murray

Presented by: Jenny Murray


2018, Nicaragua/USA, 96 Minutes, DCP

Language: English and Spanish with English Subtitles

Program Notes

The history of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) is a history inseparable from the many fearless and dedicated women who helped lead the group to its revolutionary coup over the totalitarian government of Nicaragua’s Somosa dynasty. The Sandinistas would never have succeeded in overthrowing this corrupt regime without the efforts of the thousands of women who fought, organized and led the movement to victory. As the Sandinistas took over the government, male leaders whose revolutionary attitudes evidently do not extend beyond the boundaries of their zippers, tended to tow the chauvinist line of female inferiority, forcing many critical female voices to the margins of the FSLN leadership. Forty years later, these brave women are largely written out of official accounts and official business by the men who continue to hold power.

Beating back decades of misogynist rhetoric, ¡Las Sandinistas! works overtime to set the record straight by letting these inspiring and incredible women tell their own story. Digging deep into a wealth of archival footage and modern day interviews with the surviving Sandinista women, director Jenny Murray offers them a platform to reveal the truth about their struggles. The truth that Sandinista women were (are) often left to fight on two fronts, putting their lives on the line to battle injustice and government oppression, only to face the same struggles within their own revolutionary movement.

Five decades on, these insuperable revolutionary heroes continue to fight the good fight, now against a Sandinista government that looks eerily similar to the one that they overthrew in 1979. Murray’s rousing documentary encompasses a thorough account of their beautiful struggle to equality, while offering deep insights into the past and present of a Nicaragua grappling with turmoil. Most importantly though, the film offers hope, in making it abundantly clear that the past, present and future of true revolutionary change is indeed female. (Scott Braid)


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