JSA: Joint Security Area

JSA: Joint Security Area

Director: Park Chan-wook

2000, South Korea, 110 minutes, Digital, Not Rated

Language: Korean with English subtitles

Presented by: Parkway Theatre & Korean Cultural Center DC

Program Notes

An international incident: two North Korean soldiers have been shot in the fortified DMZ that separates the Koreas, and a South Korean soldier (Lee Byung-hun) stands accused. It’s up to an officer from neutral Switzerland (Lee Young-ae) to try to quash an international incident and find the truth, and her investigation touches on the still-bleeding wound of partition. Park employs a deft flashback structure to slowly reveal a particularly Korean tragedy.

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Screenings of JSA: Joint Security Area

Wed 10/17/2018
7:00 PM  Parkway 1   FREE


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