In The Intense Now

In The Intense Now

Director: João Moreira Salles

2017, Brazil, 127 minutes, Digital

Language: Potuguese

Distributor: Icarus Films

Program Notes

1968 on Film

In conjunction with John’s Hopkins University, The SNF Parkway Theater is proud to present the 1968 on Film Series. This series presents some landmark films from 1968, in company with a few that paved the way and others that look back with admiration, nostalgia, and regret for what we gained and what we lost in that transformative year.

In the Intense Now explores the revolutions of 1968 as they unfolded across four different countries and their political environments: France, Czechoslovakia, China, and Brazil. Narrated in first person by the director, the film reflects on that which is revealed by footage of the French students’ uprising in May of 1968; the images captured by amateurs during the invasion of Czechoslovakia in August of the same year, when forces led by the Soviet Union put an end to the Prague Spring; the scenes that a tourist —the director’s mother —filmed in China in 1966, the year of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution; and footage from Salles’ own childhood in Brazil, during the establishment and rule of a repressive military dictatorship.

“A remarkable film, one of the biggest political essays of the contemporary cinema.“ —Javier Porta, Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (BAFICI)