Haoran Chang’s Wen Xi: Tracing Fire

Installation Opening and Program
Thursday, March 26 | Reception 6pm | Program 7pm
Tickets required.

Immersive Media 101 Workshop
Friday, March 27 | 4pm–7pm
Registration required; click here.

Click here to read our exclusive interview with virtual reality and digital media artist Haoran Chang.

The Parkway welcomes Haoran Chang – a multidisciplinary artist who uses video installation, virtual reality, and digital print to explore social construction and digital mediation in contemporary society – for our first art installation as part of our Breaking Codes emerging artist series!

Chang’s installation Wen Xi: Tracing Fire, on view in the Parkway’s Dietz Lounge and the second floor lobby from March 26 to April 2, zeroes in on the historic Wen Xi Fire that happened in 1938 in Changsha, China. By tracing the representations of this traumatic event, Chang explores how the “reality” of the historic event is mediated by cultural memories which become a “virtual” story of the past. Chang deploys a variety of digital media in developing this project from documentary, to virtual reality, digital print, and photogrammetry. Each of them becomes a different tangent line to differentiate the function of this past story. While the past, present, and future do not exist chronologically in the timeline of this installation, they nevertheless converge into different kinds of “digital debris.” Like the formation of a rock each of these media helps in calibrating the location of this historic fire.

This project was curated by Bernadette Wegenstein and is sponsored by the JHU Center for Media Studies.

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