Gunky’s Basement: RoboCop

Gunky’s Basement: RoboCop

Director: Paul Verhoeven

1987, USA, 102 minutes, 35mm, R


Presented by: Dan Deacon & Jimmy Joe Roche

Program Notes

Wednesday, September 27
35mm, Parkway 1

One of the ultimate classics of dystopian sci-fi, the violent but vital RoboCop transformed Dutch director Paul Verhoeven (The Fourth Man, Turkish Delight) into a major name in Hollywood. It’s also the first of two collaborations between Verhoeven and screenwriter Edward Neumeier, who reunited a decade later for the equally awesome, if initially underrated, Starship Troopers. “RoboCop is as tightly worked as a film can be, not a moment or line wasted.”—Variety… “Most thriller and special-effects movies come right off the assembly line… RoboCop is a thriller with a difference.”—Roger Ebert