Gunky’s Basement: American Psycho

2000, 1 hour 42 minutes

Director: Mary Harron

A 35mm print of Mary Harron’s masterfully horrific dark comedy AMERICAN PSYCHO screens one night only at the Parkway as part of Gunky’s Basement, the film series curated and hosted by musician Dan Deacon and video artist Jimmy Joe Roche!


“Funny, pungent, and weirdly gripping.”—Entertainment Weekly


“Harron is less impressed by the vile Patrick Bateman than a man might have been, perhaps because as a woman who directs movies, she deals every day with guys who resemble Bateman in all but his body count. She senses the linkage between the time Bateman spends in the morning, lovingly applying male facial products, and the way he blasts away people who annoy him, anger him or simply have the misfortune to be within his field of view… Christian Bale is heroic in the way he allows the character to leap joyfully into despicability; there is no instinct for self-preservation here, and that is one mark of a good actor.”—Roger Ebert


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