Film at Artscape 2019: Animated Shorts

2019, 34 minutes, Digital

A rich collection of animated shorts produced using a broad range of techniques from the painstakingly handmade to the meticulously digital. These films bring visual pleasures and splendors unique to their respective mediums.

Additional Images
Buena Vista
Zoe Friedman, 2018, USA, 2:16 minutes, World Premiere at MdFF 2019
This animation is a celebration of love. It was created by printing out individual frames of a video and having my family and friends draw all over them. I recorded the sound on a trip to Mexico.
The Wheel Turns
Sang Joon Kim, 2018, USA, 12:39 minutes
The jaded subway operator in NYC finds his life repetitive and tedious. Once he and fellow passengers turn into toads, the operator explores through portals to find what causes the transformation.
The Moon's Milk
Ri Crawford, 2018, USA, 14 minutes
Set between the gravities of two heavenly bodies, The Moon's Milk is a handmade stop motion short about a time when the moon was close enough to be reached by ladder. Longing, missed signals, and mishaps lead to the enchantment of the heavens with music.
Luca Cioci, 2018, USA/Italy, 5 minutes
Functional and aesthetic values in recurrent, yet questionable domestic scenarios.