Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

1964, 113 minutes, 4K Digital

Language: English

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Cast: Peter Sellers, Sterling Hayden, James Earl Jones

Distributor: Columbia Pictures

Kubrick 90
Beginning July 26th, the SNF Parkway celebrates Stanley Kubrick’s would-be 90th birthday with a retrospective of the master filmmaker’s invaluable contributions to the history of cinema. The series will occur twice monthly and will showcase each of the director’s films in turn.

Psychotic Air Force General unleashes ingenious foolproof and irrevocable scheme sending bombers to attack Russia. U.S. President works with Soviet premier in a desperate effort to save the world.

“Peter Sellers is excellent, essaying a trio of roles – a British R.A.F. captain assigned to the U.S. base where it all begins, the President and the title character, Dr. Strangelove, a German scientist aiding the U.S. whose Nazi mannerisms overcome him.” – Dave Kaufman Variety