Dr. Brinks & Dr. Brinks

Dr. Brinks & Dr. Brinks

Director: Josh Crockett

USA, 2017, 88 minutes, DCP, World Premiere


Presented by: Josh Crockett and Kristin Slaysman

Cast: Kristin Slaysman, Scott Rodgers, Robert Longstreet, Ashley Spillers, Roger Guenveur Smith, Aalok Mehta

Program Notes

Estranged siblings Marcus and Michelle Brinks (Scott Rodgers and Kristin Slaysman) reunite after the unexpected death of their parents, globe-trotting doctors who were often absent in the Brinks siblings’ upbringing. As the narrative develops, we learn about the peculiarity and distance between the Brinks family. Blending humorous dialogue and an entertaining cast, this film builds a pleasurable and voyeuristic space for viewers to revel and laugh amid the complications and secrets of love and family.

The film weaves in and out of the serious moments, the painful and the absurd, creating an enjoyable escape and, at times, camaraderie with the protagonists. Robert Longstreet plays Bill Tully, Marcus’ father-in-law, whose presence further complicates the situation; Longstreet (Take Shelter, Septien, The Catechism Cataclysm) is, as always, a pleasure to watch.

This excellent dark comedy is a must-see for anyone who wants an entertaining distraction from all of the heaviness in the world. This is the first feature film from filmmaking duo Josh Crockett (director/ co-writer/editor) and Kristin Slaysman (producer/lead actor), and we are honored to host the World Premiere at the 2017 Maryland Film Festival. (Margaret Rorison)