D E E P presents: Congratulations Debby + Introducing: Bobby

2012, 89 minutes, Digital

Language: English

Director: Roger Hayn

Cast: Jennifer Dorr White

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Congratulations Debby (dir. Roger Hayn, 2018, 75 min) is the story of an older, pregnant woman who struggles to find someone, anyone, who shares the fervent excitement she has about this latest “joyous phase” of her life. A melodrama chronicling seven increasingly troublesome days in the life of a woman attempting to share important news with friends and family.

The film has historically been presented in collaboration with Chris Osborn, curator of the recurring experimental media compilation, D E E P
Preceded by Introducing: Bobby (dir. Roger Hayn, 2012, 14 min)

A debt-ridden ex-con reflects on his past while waiting in line to audition for a reality television show.

“As someone who studied film in college and has worked for art house cinemas in two different cities, I’ve spent the better part of my free time over the last decade watching movies. Last year alone, I watched 173 feature films; some good, some great, and some, god-awful. Among those in the “great” category was number 159 of 173: Congratulations Debby, by Roger Hayn. The film has historically been presented in collaboration with D E E P, the recurring experimental media compilation curated by Chris Osborn—which is why I’m partnering with both Roger and Chris to kick off the Parkway’s brand-new Staff Picks series. I’m thrilled to give you the opportunity to see one of the best films I viewed in all of 2019.


“What I like so much about Congratulations Debby is the way it utilizes the concept of emotional suppression for dramatic effect. We’re presented with the titular character, Debby: an aging, but relentlessly upbeat expectant mother, as she struggles to get the outside world to acknowledge her pregnancy—and to be excited for her, damn it! Whether it’s the neighbors next door or the local pharmacist, the people Debby encounters seem downright apathetic—maybe even a little frightened—about this new beginning. As her cheerful veneer starts to crack, we come face-to-face with the memories she’s been so desperate to bury, one newspaper horoscope at a time.


“Preceding the feature is Roger’s short film “Introducing: Bobby”, which won the 2012 AFI Grand Jury Award for Best Live Action Short and was an Official Selection for SXSW 2013.”

– Lucas Cullen

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