1968 ON FILM: Coming Home

1968 ON FILM: Coming Home

Director: Hal Ashby

1978, USA, 127 minutes, 35mm, R

Language: English

Presented by: Johns Hopkins University Film & Media Studies Program and The Parkway Theatre

Cast: Jane Fonda, Jon Voight, Bruce Dern

Distributor: MGM UA

Program Notes

About theĀ 1968 ON FILMĀ series:

1968, a year of global protest and revolution, galvanized audiences for movies that reflected their changing world. The film-makers of the era rose to that challenge, producing remarkable documents of the times that upended cinematic traditions with bold new forms and innovative content. This series presents some landmark films from 1968, in company with a few that paved the way and others that look back with admiration, nostalgia, and regret for what we gained and what we lost in that transformative year.

Presented by the Johns Hopkins Film and Media Studies Program.

The wife of a Marine serving in Vietnam, Sally Hyde (Jane Fonda) decides to volunteer at a local veterans hospital to occupy her time. There she meets Luke Martin (Jon Voight), a frustrated wheelchair-bound vet who has become disillusioned with the war. Sally and Luke develop a friendship that soon turns into a romance, but when her husband, Bob (Bruce Dern), returns unexpectedly, she must decide between staying with him and pursuing her new love.


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