Blood and Steel: Cedar Crest Country Club

Blood and Steel: Cedar Crest Country Club

Director: Michael Maniglia


Q&A with Special Guests:

Blood & Steel‘s Producer Frank Scheuring will be joined by Baltimore skate legend Derek K to host the film and participate in an audience Q&A directly after the film.

Program Notes

The film documents the roots of the D.C. DIY underground skateboarding and punk music scene of the 80s and where it all converged: Cedar Crest Country Club – It features the artists, bands and the characters that made history there, with heavy hitters such as Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat / Fugazi/ Dischord Rcds), members of GWAR, Scream and Government Issue, as well as boasting a who’s who of famous skaters including Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Rob Mertz, Fred Smith, Tony Magnusson, Allen Losi and many more.

Utilizing a vast collection of archival photos and video, punctuated with interviews of the people that were there, the film is a compelling story sound tracked with the music that fueled the era including artists from DC’s own, Dischord Records, GWAR, the Bad Brains and Metallica.