Animations on the Big Screen

Animations on the Big Screen is a two-hour program played each day of Artscape of animated short films curated by local filmmaker Corrie Francis Parks. Parks is an assistant professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County where she teaches animation. Parks specializes in sand animation and other esoteric animation techniques. Her work maintains an organic connection to natural materials and traditional production methods while fully integrating digital technology. Parks’ book, Fluid Frames: Experimental Animation with Sand, Clay, Paint, and Pixels, was published in 2016. Her award-winning films have also been included in festivals on every continent except Antarctica.

Participating Artists:
Jeron Braxton (New York, NY)
Kevin Blackistone (Baltimore, MD)
Gill Bliss (Rode, England)
Alan Callander (Washington, DC)
Sara Dittrich (Baltimore, MD)
Kendra Fleischman (Loveland, CO)
Ida Greenberg (Baltimore, MD)
Sabine Groschup (Wien, Austria)
Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero (Berkeley, CA)
Cable Hardin (Brookings, SD)
Gregory Hein (Germantown, MD)
Patrick Jenkins (Toronto, Canada)
Aidan Kristo (Clarksville, MD)
Heidi Kumao (Ann Arbor, MI)
Stephan Leeper (Midland, MI)
Tess Martin (Rotterdam, Holland)
Tracy Miller-Robbins (Mason, OH)
Deanna Morse (Grants Pass, OR)
Kat Navarro (Baltimore, MD)
Tim Nohe (Baltimore, MD)
Ezra Pailer (Baltimore, MD)
Gary Schwartz (Detroit, MI)
Daniel Šuljic (Zagreb, Croatia)
Scott Turri (Pittsburgh, PA)
Kyle Yearwood (Baltimore, MD)