A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange

Director: Stanley Kubrick

1971, UK, 136 minutes, 35mm

Language: English

Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Patrick McGee

Distributor: Warner Bros Entertainment

Program Notes

Stomping, whomping, stealing, singing, tap-dancing, violating.

Hooligan Alex (Malcolm McDowell) has a good time—at the tragic expense of others. His journey from amoral punk to brainwashed proper citizen and back again forms the dynamic arc of Stanley Kubrick’s future-shock vision of Anthony Burgess’ novel.

Controversial when first released, A Clockwork Orange won New York Film Critics “Best Picture” and “Best Director” Awards and earned four Oscar nominations, including “Best Picture.”

Forty years after first hitting theaters, the power of A Clockwork Orange still entices, shocks and holds us in its grasp.