Baltimore Youth Film Showcase

The Youth Film Showcase at Artscape presents Baltimore-area middle and high school produced film and video work, selected by a student-screening committee of local high school and college students. Selected students will screen their work in the historic main theater of the SNF Parkway to a public audience.

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Part of the Baltimore Youth Film Showcase program at MdFF. Sponsored by Maryland Humanities. Learn more about our student events here.

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A Celebration of Our Diversity
Baltimore City School Media Team
At City Schools' first-ever International Family Night, students and families from around the world shared the richness of their cultures during an evening of learning and laughter.
Ball Out This Summer
Amon Hartley, Tyriq Hall, Daryl Norris, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute
A 11th grade student at Poly who wants to play basketball has never made his high school basketball team. He puts in work and mentions what the game has done to him. He talks to the school's varsity basketball coach and how the game of basketball has impacted him. For the kid who has never played high school basketball, what is next ? All he knows is he has to "Ball Out This Summer."
Eastside Stories
Lyric Artis, Stephen Brumant, Brienna Cox, Ridwan Ibrahim, Dante Johnson, Jasmine Jones, Myles Michelin, Tarique Robinson; Baltimore Youth Film Arts
Identity Pie
Ayanna White, Wide Angle Youth Media
Everyone has an identity that is intersectional, but what would happen if we started embracing that fact? With my video I would like for it’s viewers to reach a common ground, and respect the fact that we are the same in the sense that we are so different.
Projection of Me
Jannah Muhammad. Wide Angle Youth Media
A projection of me is about my life growing up Muslim. Growing up I was bullied for being Muslim, my classmates would say that Trump is going to get me and that I should go back to my country. I hope that after you watch my video you will be more aware of how people who are different get treated. If you witness someone getting bullied after watching this video, will you stop it?
Alicia Ingabire, G.W. Carver School for Arts and Technology
Gyasi Mitchell, Baltimore City College High School
The journey of being and the genesis of milieu.
Jacob Molter, G.W. Carver School for Arts and Technology
An abstract, dreamy, and whimsical reflection of memories of happy moments with friends.
Jessica Lobell, G.W. Carver School for Arts and Technology
"Spectrum" contains over two years of footage edited in order of the colors of the rainbow. Color is a prevalent component in my art, including in my films, paintings, and collages. This film depicts my everlasting need to add more colors in each piece than my last.
Un Chien Andalou
Lydia Graveline, Baltimore School for the Arts
student film inspired by early surrealist films of the 1930s, Tells a loose narrative through purposeful offbeat imagery. Repurposes elements of early surrealism with a modern twist through heavy special effects.
Eli Golding, G.W. Carver School for Arts and Technology
When a young detective's beloved hat goes missing, he strives to recover it.
Mr. FloppyDog
Lyla Mzayek, G.W. Carver School for Arts and Technology
Mr. FloppyDogMan was previously a children's entertainment icon, but is now beaten down and unwanted by the public eye. He conducts real life street interviews about the nature of following your dreams, and asks himself if he can follow his dream and make it back to stardom. The film takes form partially as a mockumentary, and partially as an actual documentary.
Shaving My Butt
Tommy Waldo, Lucie McCarthey, Adam Kelley, Baltimore School for the Arts
Three funny friends work to perfect their a Capella harmonies...
Aidan Kristo, Baltimore School for the Arts
As an outsider and a lonesome soul, Dr. Stitchfield resorts to science to create his soulmate...