2019 Sundance Film Festival Shorts

2019, 97 minutes, Digital, NR

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The 2019 Sundance Film Festival Shorts Tour is a 97-minute theatrical program of seven short films selected from this year’s festival and has been widely considered the premier showcase for short films and the launchpad for many now-prominent independent filmmakers for more than 30 years. Including fiction, documentary, and animation from around the world, the 2019 program offers new audiences a taste of what the festival offers, from sharply-written comedy and drama to edgy genre and an intimate family saga.

Fueled by artistic expression and limited only by their run time, short films transcend traditional storytelling. They are a significant and popular way artists can connect with audiences. From documentary to animation, narrative to experimental, the abbreviated form is made for risk-taking. Sundance has always treated short films with the highest regard and gives a home to both established and new filmmakers with shorts for audiences to discover and celebrate.

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Crude Oil
U.S.A. | Director and Screenwriter: Christopher Good
Jenny breaks free from a toxic friendship and learns to harness her magical, useless superpower.
Canada | Director and Screenwriter: Alexandra Lazarowich
The Blackfoot bareback horse-racing tradition returns in the astonishingly dangerous Indian Relay. Siksika horseman Allison Red Crow struggles with second-hand horses and a new jockey on his way to challenge the best riders in the Blackfoot Confederacy.
sometimes i think about dying
U.S.A. | Director: Stefanie Abel Horowitz | Screenwriters: Stefanie Abel Horowitz, Katy Wright-Mead, Kevin Armento
Fran is thinking about dying, but a man in the office might want to date her.
Estonia, Hong Kong | Director and Screenwriter: ​ Äggie Pak Yee Lee​
In an art museum, we learn -- from outer to inner, from deep to its deepest, seriously and sincerely.
Suicide By Sunlight
U.S.A. | Director: Nikyatu Jusu | Screenwriters: Nikyatu Jusu, R. Shanea Williams
Valentina, a day-walking Black vampire protected from the sun by her melanin, is forced to restrain her bloodlust to regain custody of her estranged daughters.
Canada, Tunisia, Qatar, Sweden | Director and Screenwriter: Meryam Joobeur
When a hardened Tunisian shepherd's son returns home after a long journey with a new wife, tension rises between father and son.
U.S.A. | Director and Screenwriter: Robert Machoian
A slice of life about a grandpa and his grandsons, the future and the past.