Community of Parting, Special Feature: Jane Jin Kaisen at the SNF Parkway Theatre

Open now through April 10 —the Critical Responses to Anti-Asian Violence (CRAAV) Initiative at Johns Hopkins University and the Center for Advanced Media Studies have partnered to present a special program featuring the multi-media artwork of internationally-renowned artist Jane Jin Kaisen at the SNF Parkway Theatre. 

Community of Parting, Special Feature: Jane Jin Kaisen features four multi-media works: The Woman, Orphan, and The Tiger (single channel film, co-directed by Kaisen and Guston Sondin-Kung, 2010); Apertures|Specters|Rifts (triptych light-box installation, 2016); Strange Meetings (video installation, 2017); and Community of Parting (film installation, 2019).

Community of Parting, Special Feature: Jane Jin Kaisen includes the following events:

Community of Parting


About the Special Feature:

 The CRAAV Initiative presents Community of Parting, Special Feature: Jane Jin Kaisen as part of its broader scholarly and community-oriented efforts to build anti-racist coalitions across Johns Hopkins University and Baltimore. CRAAV takes anti-Asian violence as a site at which to develop intersectional frameworks to engage the challenges facing AAPI communities and interrogate the effects of white supremacy on knowledge produced about minoritized communities. Jane Jin Kaisen’s artworks evoke how lived experiences and embodied knowledge intersect with larger transnational political histories, among others the Korean War and division, the Jeju April Third Massacre, gender marginalization, and transnational adoption. Kaisen helps us see how these histories of racialized, gendered, and sexualized violence continue to unfold in the present. Her work traces lineages of violence that extend from seemingly far-away places but reverberate in places like Atlanta during the mass shooting on March 17, 2021 when 8 people, 6 of whom were women of Asian descent, were murdered in an act of intertwined racism and misogyny. Kaisen’s visually striking, multilayered, performative, poetic, and multi-voiced feminist works evoke the continuities of such violence across time and place, but also the forms of rebellion, resistance, and fugitivity that persist in its wake.    

About Jane Jin Kaisen:

Born in Jeju Island in South Korea and currently living in Copenhagen, Jane Jin Kaisen is a visual artist, filmmaker, and Professor at the School of Media Arts, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Kaisen has exhibited and screened her works in a range of contexts internationally. She represented Korea at the 58th Venice Biennale with the film installation Community of Parting which traces a different approach to borders and aesthetic mediation through the Korean shamanic myth of the Abandoned Princess Bari and has participated in the biennials of Liverpool, Gwangju, Anren, Jeju, among others. She was awarded “Exhibition of the Year 2020” by AICA – International Association of Art Critics, Denmark for the exhibition Community of Parting at Kunsthal Charlottenborg and awarded the Montana ENTERPRIZE at Kunsthallen Brandts in Denmark in 2011. Recent solo exhibitions include Parallax Conjunctures at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (2021), Community of Parting at Art Sonje Center (2021) and Kunsthal Charlottenborg (2020), and Of Specters or Returns, Gallery damdam (2020).