Gunky’s Basement: Something Wild

Gunky’s Basement: Something Wild

Director: Jonathan Demme

1986, USA, 114 minutes, 35mm, R


Presented by: Dan Deacon & Jimmy Joe Roche

Program Notes

Wednesday, November 8
35mm, Parkway 1

Speaking at a Toronto International Film Festival screening of Something Wild last September, the late great Jonathan Demme credited the film with reinvigorating his career and making him believe in himself as a filmmaker after some setbacks and missteps in the early ‘80s. It shows; this unique blend of comedy and thriller delivers an experience like no other. Melanie Griffith and Jeff Daniels star alongside an explosive Ray Liotta in his first major role; Bmore’s own John Waters also appears. “Demme’s picaresque joyride across the American landscape is still arguably the best thing he’s ever done.”—Geoff Andrew, Time Out

Screenings of Gunky’s Basement: Something Wild

Wed 11/8/2017
9:00 PM  Parkway 1   TICKETS
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