Gunky’s Basement: The Running Man

Gunky’s Basement: The Running Man

Director: Paul Michael Glaser

1987, USA, 101 minutes, 35mm


Presented by: Dan Deacon & Jimmy Joe Roche

Program Notes

Wednesday, December 6
35mm, Parkway 1

The Running Man’s set-up: “By 2017 the world economy has collapsed. Food, natural resources, and oil are in short supply. A police state, divided into paramilitary zones, rules with an iron hand.” Come see 2017 out with this wild and sadly prescient Ahnold-starring satire of reality television, game shows, cultural sociopathy, police violence, and totalitarian rule! “Holds up a shocking reflection of where we actually stand as a society in 2017.”—Felix Vasquez Jr., Cinema Craze

Screenings of Gunky’s Basement: The Running Man

Wed 12/6/2017
9:00 PM  Parkway 1   TICKETS
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