FREE Films at ARTSCAPE: Animation Shorts

36 minutes, Adult Content
Nutag - Homeland
Alisi Telengut, 6m, Canada
A non-narrative hand-painted visual poem about ideas of diaspora, homeland, and the tragic mass-deportations of the Kalmyk people during WWII.
It’s a Date
Zachary Zezima, 7m, USA
Based on a true story, It's a Date explores miscommunication, perceptions and vulnerability in the modern world. Everyone is an alien at first.
Drawn and Recorded: Teen Spirit
Drew Christie, 3m, USA
Drawn and Recorded tells the stories that fell through the floorboards of music history and brings them to the light of day via unique, hand-drawn animation and the raspy, baritone voice of T-Bone Burnett. Sometimes hilarious, occasionally tragic, always compelling - these anecdotes show a side of people behind the melodies that you may never have known.
Summer Camp Island
Julia Pott, 9m, USA
Oscar and his best friend Hedgehog just got dropped off at Summer Camp. Once all the parents leave the island, all of the strangeness lurking beneath the surface starts to come out. Aliens exist, horses become unicorns and there are monsters under the bed.
Richard Twice
Matthew Salton, 10m, USA
Richard Atkins, the singer and songwriter of the early 70’s California psychedelic folk duo ‘Richard Twice’, was on his way to stardom and a huge success with his first debut album when he mysteriously walked away from it all.

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