Director: Amman Abbasi

2017, USA, 75 minutes


Program Notes

Following his older brother’s death, 13-year-old Dayveon (newcomer Devin Blackmon) struggles to find his way in his rural Arkansas town. In mourning, he spends his days roaming around the economically depressed town with his best friend Brayden (Kordell “KD” Johnson). Dayveon soon develops a relationship with his sister’s boyfriend—who reluctantly acts as a father figure—and is courted by the local gang. Without parents to guide him along the road to adulthood, Dayveon becomes increasingly drawn to the camaraderie and violence of their world.

Screenings of Dayveon

Wed 9/20/2017
10:00 PM  Parkway 3   TICKETS
Thu 9/21/2017
9:45 PM  Parkway 3   TICKETS
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