SHORTS: Every Short For Itself And WTF Shorts Against All
Directed By: Various
Run Time: 78 Minutes

Beacon Directed by Benjamin Wright Smith 6 minutes
The youngest member of a small, isolated congregation begins to question her faith when a pilgrim arrives but then quickly, mysteriously disappears.

The Bulb Directed by Calvin Reeder 12 minutes
An unsuspecting traveler encounters a stranger in a motel bathroom. Together they experience an alien phenomenon on public access.

Dear Cindy Directed by Jay Giampietro 5 minutes
A lonely musician films his life in the hopes of enticing a woman from Boise, Idaho to visit him in New Jersey.

Door On The Left Directed by Kati Skelton, Harrison Atkins 5 minutes
Five women are trapped on a purgatorial game show...and there's only one way out.

Gwilliam Directed by Brian Lonano
A recently released criminal is looking for a good time. He can forget his sins but he can never forget...Gwilliam.

Ham Heads Directed by Efrén Hernández 11 minutes
Barry and Larry are the world's oldest living conjoined twins. They live in their brother's basement.

My Last Film Directed by Zia Anger 9 minutes
A diptych, concerning two actresses. Starring Lola Kirke and Rosanna Arquette

New Vista Directed by Matthew Sullivan 8 minutes
A tourist roams through the national park, "New Vista".

The Procedure Directed by Calvin Reeder 4 minutes
A man is captured and forced to endure a strange experiment.

Riot Directed by Nathan Silver 4 minutes
May 1992. During Filmmaker Nathan Silver’s 9th birthday party, chaos erupts as he attempts to make a lm based on the L.A. riots in his backyard. Nathan both directs and acts in the lm, as his father captures the action on video. Uncooperative friends, a nine-year old director, and a nagging mother result in another kind of riot.

Stripper Wars Directed by Giancarlo Loffredo 7 minutes
Kayoz is the stage name of one of the Flying Angels, an elite group of exotic dancers who perform at King of Diamonds Gentleman’s Club in Miami. Stripper Wars takes us on a sensory journey through her internal life.

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