SHORTS: Narrative Shorts
Directed By: Various
Run Time: 88 Minutes

Baby Teeth Directed by Stephanie Ellis 14 minutes
A new mother, suffering from postpartum depression, makes a desperate call to her friend. She has lost her baby and needs her help. Together, they embark on a disturbing search.

The Confidential Informant Directed by Stephen Kinigopoulos 20 minutes
This is a story about real people with complex desires who are struggling for an inglorious moment of redemption. The protagonist, Verdon Coates is not motivated by money or glory... he’s seeking his father’s acceptance and love. He’s trying to become the man in his father’s eyes that he envisions himself to be.

Forest Born Directed by Josh Peterson 23 minutes
A lone hiker journeys into a dreamlike forest wilderness, where a mythic encounter drives him from communion to terror and intimations of death, to the possibility of new life.

Mountain Low Directed by Andy Bruntel 18 minutes
A lonesome game warden spends one final afternoon with his estranged daughter before she moves to Tampa. When he sidetracks their Arby’s lunch to inspect a strange sound heard deep in the woods, he risks their safety and jeopardizes his deep desire to re-connect.

Vamonos Directed by Marvin Bryan Lemus 12 minutes
Hope struggles with grief after Mac, her butch girlfriend, passes away. Hope must overcome homophobic hostilities from the deceased’s family in order to respectfully send her off into the after­life.

Friday May 6th, 2016 at 11:00am Saturday May 7th, 2016 at 5:15pm