SHORTS: Documentary Shorts
Directed By: Various
Run Time: 94 Minutes

The Boatman Directed by Zack Godshall 14 minutes
A couple approaching their 70th wedding anniversary reflect on endurance, love and fortitude after years of living in the Louisiana bayou.

The Champion Directed by Patrick McGowan and Brett Garamella 18 minutes
Former Iraqi boxing champion Estaifan Shilaita overcomes tremendous hardships as he builds a special bond with his family and taxicab customers in Chicago.

The Dean Scream  Directed by Bryan Storkel 11 minutes
The story of 2004 U.S. presidential candidate Howard Dean and his fateful “I Have a Scream” speech.

The Rocket On The Roof Directed by Josh Polon & Ryan Maxey 13 minutes
Wes wants to be the guy who wants to go up there.

Two Cities Directed by Darius Clark Monroe 13 minutes
Locked inside the mind and memory of Dr. Mtangulizi Sanyika, he reflects what it means to be part of the displaced New Orleans population in Houston.

The Unrelenting Charlie Davies  Directed by Bryan Reisberg 16 minutes
Charlie Davies was considered the most promising young striker in professional American soccer until a deadly car crash not only derailed his career, but also threatened his life.

When AIDS Was Funny Directed by Scott Calonico 8 minutes
Recordings of press conferences at the Reagan White House reveal the shocking indifference— and sometimes outright derision—with which the administration dealt with the growing AIDS epidemic.

Friday May 6th, 2016 at 1:35pm Saturday May 7th, 2016 at 2:40pm