SHORTS: Character Study Shorts
Directed By: Various
Run Time: 84 Minutes

The Boardwalk Directed by Ougie Pak 13 minutes
Jung Soo, an 8-year old Korean-American boy, goes on a road trip with his father to Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Dogsbody Directed by Josh Crockett 8 minutes
The job hunt takes a strange turn for Renée when she visits the home of a wealthy potential employer.

Hang Loose Directed by Patrick Brice, Sammy Harkham 8 minutes
Hang Loose is a night in the life of an aimless surfer, Wade (Little Wings’ Kyle Field), who chases his whims up and down the California coast. When he returns to his former hometown, he takes the opportunity to visit his ex, who
has moved on and is wary of his attempt to reconnect. Wade sets out to regain her trust, but his old ways quickly come calling.

Last Tattoo Directed by Robert Redfern
Dave has run out of skin to tattoo and subsequently lacks purpose. In search of meaning, he looks at his weathered skin for answers.

Lewis Directed by Fantavious Fritz 15 minutes
A missing cat witnesses the intersections of human life in a neighbourhood and meets a Lithuanian widow living out her final days.

Valeria Directed by Erin Vassilopoulos 20 minutes
Discharged from the hospital after a partial face transplant, Eva is struck by an insatiable curiosity about her donor, with whom she feels increasingly connected. In her quest to find out more about the unnamed woman, Eva makes a series of discoveries that lead her into uncharted territory.

Vincent Directed by Tati Barrantes 13 minutes
Adrian Granado needs another hit song but can't seem to write it. Meanwhile his daughter, Alexis, is on the verge of musical success with her new album. On the eve of her release party, their family dog Vincent passes away, leaving Adrian to ponder what it's all been worth.

Friday May 6th, 2016 at 5:30pm Saturday May 7th, 2016 at 7:45pm