Guys Next Door, The
Directed By: Amy Geller and Allie Humenuk
Presented By:Amy Geller and Allie Humenuk
Run Time: 74 Minutes

This touching documentary from directors Amy Geller and Allie Humenuk follows same-sex married couple Erik and Sandro over a three-year period, picking up as their second child is developing in the womb of their close friend Rachel. Rachel and her husband Tony have three children of their own, but Rachel finds herself driven to help her good friends have a family. She is also deeply drawn to motherhood—so much so that she has twice offered her body as a surrogate home for the incubation of Erik and Sandro’s children.

As Erik and Sandro prepare to welcome the new baby, they are juggling a toddler and a move from New York City to the drastically different city of Portland, Maine. The film follows the ups and downs of their everyday life and Rachel’s preparations to deliver a second child into their world. Geller and Humenuk do a wonderful job illustrating both the challenges and questions all people face when making major life changes, and the challenges and questions unique to this non-traditional arrangement. What emerges is a heartfelt portrait of an incredible connection between friends who have forged a unique bond that brings a bounty of love and life into the world. (J. Scott Braid)

Director Bio

Amy Geller has been producer and line producer on numerous commercials, shorts and documentaries, including the PBS/BBC broadcast docudrama Murder at Harvard. She also produced the Sundance Institute-supported narrative Stay Until Tomorrow; The War That Made America, a four-hour PBS mini-series broadcast in 2006; and Love and Other Anxieties, a personal documentary directed by funder-turned-filmmaker Lyda Kuth. Allie Humenuk is an award-winning filmmaker and Emmy nominated cinematographer whose films have been broadcast nationally and internationally and screened at film festivals, museums, and schools. Her feature documentary, Shadow of the House, about the photographer Abelardo Morell, was heralded as “one of the best films ever made on a artist and the artistic process” by Bo Smith, former curator of the film program at the MFA Boston. She was nominated for an Emmy for her camera work on the PBS series Design Squad.

Friday May 6th, 2016 at 1:30pm Saturday May 7th, 2016 at 2:45pm