Alloy Orchestra Presents: L'inhumaine with Live Score
Directed By: Marcel L'Herbier
Presented By:Alloy Orchestra
Run Time: 121 Minutes
Starring: Georgette Leblanc, Jaque Catelain, Philippe He?riat

Maryland Film Festival is beaming with pride to once again welcome the incomparable Alloy Orchestra. Regaling MDFF audiences for the 14th consecutive year, the gents will be performing their audacious original score to Marcel L’Herbier’s newly restored 1924 film, L’inhumaine (The Inhuman Woman). For more than two decades, the group has performed their dazzlingly imaginative and critically acclaimed scores across the globe. During this time, they’ve delighted audiences with enthralling original scores for bona fide classics like Fritz Lang’s sci-fi masterpiece Metropolis and obscure gems like Karlheinz Martin’s recently rediscovered German Expressionist jaw-dropper, From Morning Till Midnight. Whether the film is high art or high camp, each score brings something new and exciting, elevating the viewing experience while still honoring the original work.

L’inhumaine is a groundbreaking French sci-fi film (shot 3 years prior to the aforementioned Metropolis) which brings together many of the talents of many of the avant-garde artists of early 20th century Europe. Artists from various disciplines came together to create an astounding array of sets and costumes, including a breathtaking futuristic science lab set designed by artist Fernand Léger. In a famous scene where heroine Claire Lescot (Georgette Leblanc) gives a concert, the audience was reportedly comprised of the likes of Erik Satie, Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, Léon Blum, James Joyce, Ezra Pound and the Prince of Monaco (although none are actually visible in the final film). The film is a visual tour de force which builds toward a grand finale of dizzying montages and flashing colors. L’inhumaine is a rare treat for lovers of silent cinema and early 20th century modern art alike. (J. Scott Braid)

Presenter Bio

Alloy Orchestra, comprised of Roger Miller, Terry Donahue, and Ken Winokur, have performed numerous times under MDFF sponsorship, including the world premiere of their score for Phantom of the Opera, December 2010’s remarkable screening of the restored Metropolis, and the first U.S. performance of the restored Man With a Movie Camera. They continue to write new scores, and revise their existing scores as new versions of films become available.

Sunday May 8th, 2016 at 11:00am