Love Witch, The
Directed By: Anna Biller
Presented By:Anna Biller
Run Time: 120 Minutes
Starring: Samantha Robinson, Gian Keys, Laura Waddell, Jeffrey Vincent Parise, Jared Sanford

This enchanting 35mm film is a strawberry parfait laced with arsenic, a saturated VHS horror flick, a soap opera tragedy. The Love Witch is a sardonic nod to 1960s Technicolor melodramas, vintage fetish magazines, and female insanity as depicted within the work of Hitchcock and Polanski.

Elaine (Samantha Robinson) is speeding down the California coast in a vintage convertible, escaping a mysterious past. She reveals her thoughts via voiceover and settles into a Victorian mansion, finding solace in tarot cards and magic potions. She begins hunting her male victims. We fall madly in love. Seamlessly appeasing the desires of men, Elaine uses witchcraft as a medium for her deadly attraction—not only bewitching the men in her life, but also the viewer, as we hang on to every manicured frame.

In her horrifying candy-coated dreamland, Anna Biller (writer/director/editor/etc.) degrades the fairytale of perfect love. She mocks both the male and female gaze through carefully composed frames and meticulously stylized set design. Her female protagonist (antagonist?) is vexed by men’s repugnant fits of emotion, and the male body is made vulnerable in scenes of what may be soft-core porn. The Love Witch shrewdly tackles both the fear of female sexuality and contemporary feminist ideals, shrouding them in ideological lectures, used tampons, and burlesque. While marvelously inundated with hypocrisy and sarcasm, should we be laughing or cowering? Seriously, don't miss this masterpiece. (Marnie Ellen)

Director Bio

Anna Biller’s 35mm cult feature Viva (MDFF 2007) and her 16mm shorts have screened at major film festivals and art spaces around the world. She is known for her use of classic and outdated film genres to talk about female roles within culture, coding feminist ideas within cinematic aesthetics and visual pleasure. She creates all of her own costumes and set designs, as well as composing and scoring for her films. She continues to work on film because of her interest in emulating the look and feel of classic cinema. The Love Witch was made using only traditional film processes. 

Friday May 6th, 2016 at 10:30pm Saturday May 7th, 2016 at 2:00pm