Donald Cried
Directed By: Kris Avedisian
Presented By:Kris Avedisian
Run Time: 85 Minutes
Starring: Kris Avedisian, Jesse Wakeman, Louisa Krause, Ted Arcidi, Robby Morse Levy, Kate Fitzgerald, Alexander Cook, Kyle Espeleta

When Wall Street type Peter Latang (Jesse Wakeman) returns to his small Rhode Island hometown to settle the affairs of his recently deceased grandmother, he realizes the journey from New York has relieved him of his wallet. This problematic turn of events comes just before an unexpected run-in with his old high-school friend, Donald. Peter is forced to ask a favor of Donald (director Kris Avedisian, in a truly incredible and transformative turn) that he may just live to regret. Peter’s obvious squeamishness about returning home and digging up the past is rivaled only by Donald’s enthusiasm to rekindle their erstwhile friendship. Donald is eager to help out, but the price of the favor is spending time reminiscing about old days that Peter would just as soon forget.

What emerges as the former friends spend an awkward day together is not only a superb dark comedy filled with cringing laughs, but a deft character study punctuated with poignant dramatic moments. Working from this complex emotional palette, the film avoids the low-hanging fruit of caricature, instead choosing to take its protagonists and their lives seriously. This works particularly well in the case of Donald, a character who in lesser hands could have been another mulleted buffoon stereotype. Instead, we see a fully realized character whose outrageous behavior and over-eager chumminess may mask deep-seated emotional pain from the past. Donald Cried is one of the biggest surprises of the festival season, from first-time feature filmmakers that we can’t wait to see more from! (J. Scott Braid)

Director Bio

Director Kris Avedisian was born in Cranston, Rhode Island, where he still resides. In the early 2000s he studied film in San Francisco, where he met Jesse Wakeman and Kyle Espeleta. They collaborated on their first project, Three Tears a Prince and a Forest. In 2013, their short Donald Cried won best narrative short at The Independent Film Festival Boston and later went on to receive special mention at the Slamdance Film Festival. The feature version of Donald Cried was shot in the winter of 2015, was selected for IFP labs, and went on to screen within SXSW and New Directors/New Films.

Thursday May 5th, 2016 at 10:05pm Friday May 6th, 2016 at 9:50pm